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Winter is Coming! How to Help Your Customers Prepare

The first official day of winter is December 21st, however for much of the country, the wintery road conditions start earlier than that. According to the Federal Highway Administration, about 70% of US roads are located in snowy regions. Additionally, they say that more than 1300 people are killed annually on snowy or icy roads. So it's especially important for those of you with dealerships and service departments in these snowy areas to make sure your customers' vehicles and the ones on your lots are as safe as possible for the upcoming winter months. 

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Prepping Your Auto Dealership for the Holidays

2020 has felt like a very long year for all of us. It might be hard to believe it but the holidays are right around the corner and while this holiday season will be a new experience for everyone, it's best to be prepared. Sid Savage has all you need to spruce up your auto dealership for the holidays to attract buyers and make it a fun and festive experience for them! 

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Focusing on Service When Auto Sales Are Slow

During a time like this when sales might be a little slower than normal, it's important to remind people that your service department is open and ready to help them. Focusing on service right now is a great way to keep in touch with customers, offer them important services, and of course, provide a source of income for your auto shop or car dealership.

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5 Ways to Keep your Auto Dealership Safe During the Pandemic

Whether you run a car dealership or a repair shop, at some point you and your staff are going to have to have some contact with your clients. During this pandemic, it's even more important to make sure that you're taking all available precautions to make sure that your staff and customers are safe, happy, and healthy.

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How to Use Social Media to Drive Auto Sales

By now we all know how popular social media is with almost every age demographic. Many auto dealerships know that social media can be leveraged to help get more sales and build relationships with customers, but the best ways to use social media to help achieve your goals is constantly changing. 

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