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Prepping Your Auto Dealership for the Holidays


2020 has felt like a very long year for all of us. It might be hard to believe it but the holidays are right around the corner and while this holiday season will be a new experience for everyone, it's best to be prepared.


Sid Savage has all you need to spruce up your auto dealership for the holidays to attract buyers and make it a fun and festive experience for them!

Let it Snow!

If your dealership is located somewhere where there tends to be snowy and icy conditions, you'll want to make sure that your vehicles are not only visible to customers but also safe to test drive. Quickly and easily remove snow off the tops of your vehicles with our commercial grade snow broom. It is made out of polyethylene foam so that it is non-abrasive on a car's exterior as you push the snow off. For safely removing ice from the windshield, you'll want to have some ice scrapers on-hand. Sid Savage even has ice scrapers with telescoping handles for those larger vehicles and hard-to-reach areas. 

snow broom

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

feather flags

People buy cars all year long but they know that the end of the month is a good time to buy because dealership sales staff members are trying to meet their sales quotas. points out that the end of the year, specifically December, is kind of the perfect storm for car buyers because it's the end of the year, the end of the quarter, and someone could be shopping at the end of the month.

Let all your customers know that you have holiday sales going on by decorating your lot with holiday balloons and feather flags. Our balloons and flags are vibrant and durable and both of them can be used for multiple holiday seasons, so you'll be set for next year too! 

Deck The Halls

It's just not the holidays if you don't have the proper decorations. Decorate your car windows and dealership windows with some festive holiday stickers. You'll also want to have some decorations that go the extra mile and put a smile on people's faces. Whether someone is buying a car for themselves or for someone else, it's nice to have large bows on hand to stick on the hood of the car.

car bows

Happy Holidays

Decorating and advertising holiday promotions is only part of the holiday auto sales equation. The other important part is having an atmosphere that encourages people to buy. People tend to feel extra charitable around the holidays and they like to do business with companies that give back as well. Consider having a food- and/or toy-drive with your employees to raise these needed items for your community. Have this displayed out in the open in the showroom so customers can see that you're giving back. Having a raffle to raise money for a charitable organization in your neighborhood is another great way to get involved during this time of year.

However you decide to decorate, promote, and donate this season, just know that now is the time to make that plan. Now is the time to order those supplies and make sure that your dealership and sales staff are prepared to knock it out of the park this holiday season!



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